Quids In Auction at The Hilcote Country Club

Quids In Auction is a general items auction held every Tuesday and Thursday at The Hilcote Country Club, Hilcote, Alfreton. DE55 5HR.
Items are put in the Auction Between 12.pm – 5pm, public viewing starts at 1pm till 6:30pm, the auction starts at 6:30pm.
If you would like to put items in the auction, or if you would like to place commission bids on items, please contact Dawn Grosse on 07902 987955.

Buyers Guide:
  • Buyers can view items from 1pm on the day. Or by viewing the online pictures posted to this Facebook page.
  • Commission bids can be made by phone on 07902 987955, no later than 6pm.
  • All items are sold as seen and no warranties or guarantees are given or inferred, unless specifically offered directly by the vendor/seller.
  • A floor porter will hold up the item currently for sale. The auctioneer will call out the lot number and a description of the Item and the bidding will begin with the reserve price set by the vendor of the item. Bids increase in 50p increments.
  • To Bid simply raise your hand, please make firm bid gestures to make sure the auctioneer or floor porters notice your bid. If in Doubt, SHOUT ! Your bid will automatically be the previous bid plus 50p, unless you state a specific amount you wish to bid.
  • Buyers pay the winning Bid price + 30p Buyers premium. For example, if you win an item for £10 you pay £10 + 30p =£10.30.
  • Sales are Paid for immediately, a floor porter will bring the item to you and take payment.
  • All Payments must be made in cash. No credit cards or cheques accepted.
Sellers Guide:
  • Sellers must bring their items to the Auction on the day, between 12pm and 5pm.
  • Sellers layout their items on the tables provided and must fill in a sheet itemising the lots, with a brief description and stating any reserve price/start price.
  • Sellers pay 15% commission on the final selling price. For example, if an item sells for £10, you receive £8.50.
  • Sellers receive there payout at the end of the Auction, in cash, on the same night. It couldn’t be faster or simpler.